Boulder Lodge Photos

Here are a few photos of our three days up at Boulder Lodge.

We had a great time of the three days we were up there, the weather was good for the first day but got a bit cool over the other two days. It then started brightening up as we left, typical.

Finnie, Liam, Hannah and Maya had a great time in the creek playing in the cold water spa's.  They also started to get into the hunting of crayfish, surprisingly the crayfish appeared to find a lot of other places to hide.

Everyone enjoyed the bath on the cooloer days, we filled it up with water from the creek before lighting the fire and heating it.  Surprising how hot it gets.

Finnie and Liam hunting for crayfish in the stream.

The outside bath heated by the fire underneath.


 Maya having a paddle in one of the pools.

Cooking tea.